Old Toms Beer by Robinson’s Brewery

Velvety smooth and indulgent; made  from a rich concoction of fine cocoa.  It is a rich and wonderfully warming beer with a deep mahogany color and port wine finish.  The Chocolate Stout makes a wonderful addition to your beer selection.

The Ginger Brew is specially brewed with Chinese ginger and is wonderful for warming up on cold winter nights.  It is equally refreshing and cooling when served over ice on hot summer days.


The Original Strong Ale is known as one of the first craft beers.  It was born in 1899 and named after Tom, the brewery cat.  It’s superior dark ale is known both nationally and internationally and it has won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.  Bitter hops balanced by heady aromas of dark fruit.

Tempt your customer’s taste buds today with the old world taste of Old Toms.



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