LaTrappe Trappist Ales

What makes LaTrappe Ales so unique is that they are brewed in a monastery under the supervision of monks.  In order for a Trappist Ale to bear the logo it must be brewed in this manner.  Imagine drinking a beer brewed in tranquility and peace, with patience and perfection.   That is the quality of a Trappist Ale.

We carry four of their ales here at Ralph’s Beer Distributors Inc. The Witte, Dubbel, Isid’or, Tripel, and Quadrupel.

Witte Ale is the only white Trappist in the world and it boasts citrus, peach and apricot tones.

Dubbel is dark and full of flavor, influenced by dates and honey.

The Isidor Ale is named after the first Master Brewer of the Abbey.

Trippel Ale is candy-sweet and also contains peach and apricot tones.

LaTrappe’s Quadruppel Ale is the first Quadruppel Ale of the World is smooth and light.

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