Vladimir married a model and sang in a band and grew a series of beards, but probably the best thing he did was bring a triple distilled, 10 times filtered, award winning, cola-improving, martini-making vodka to the world– which is used in these fun, malt beverages!

ci-smirnoff-ice-164a53e87d3b435f    Smirnoff Ice Margarita | Beverage Dynamics ci-smirnoff-ice-green-apple-95fd7d9cb0803b65ci-smirnoff-ice-screwdriver-ea3ec399ba716c96  ci-smirnoff-ice-raspberry-e66f334470c33d72     ci_4722

smirnoffpartypack-varietypack2017    Smirnoff Ice Fun Pack 12 oz Cans ‑ Shop Malt Beverages & Coolers at H‑E‑B

002206389Smirnoff-Ice-Smash-Cherry-Lime-24-oz-Can_1     Smirnoff-Ice-Smash-Lemon-Lime-24-oz-Can_1Smirnoff-Smash-Strawberry-Lemon_ca3cb3eda32d69d35d300e83d7780027

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