Winter isn’t coming, it’s here!

We have an apple pie ale from Flying Dog, Rogue’s peppermint bark milk stout with Santa’s face right on the bottle, Sam Adam’s Holiday White is back… the holidays are here!!

The pandemic has us all nostalgic for our normal holiday traditions, but we’re looking on the bright side– more intimate gatherings and less travel means more beer drinking!

Between Flying Dog’s Family Drama Pilsner, their Apple Pie Ale, and their Snowplowed Hibernation Pack which includes a raspberry milk stout, a chocolate IPA, a s’mores porter, and a spruce IPA, they have you covered for snuggling up and watching Elf, or whatever pandemic-friendly holiday celebration you have planned.

Or try a classic with Guinness, Sam Adam’s Winter Lager, or even Rogue Nitro Chocolate Stout! But whatever you drink, have a cold glass and a warm heart!

Stay safe and warm,

Ralph’s ❤

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