Flying Dogs On the Horizon

Happy New Year! 2020 is the year of the dog.🐾 Flying Dog has made it their mission this year to brew delicious and quirky beers by the dozen!

We just experienced the joy that was Operation Breakfast Stout, basically liquidized waffles. 🥰

Now we have Mint Condition Stout, which is peppermint patty personified, and Shot Gun Bang, a daring salt and pepper triple!


Very soon the next brewhouse rarity: Cookies n’ Cream Milk Stout will be arriving. Needless to say, dogs go to heaven and we are there! 💐💕


If that isn’t enough to have your tail wagging, on deck we have a brunch series- mimosa beer, bloody mary ale, Irish coffee stout… so stay tuned because this year is going to give you a beautiful beer belly! 🙂

If you are curious as to where you can find these miracle beers, send me an email via the “contact us” page and I’ll be happy to direct to you to the stores and bars that had the foresight to order them ❤

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