Holiday Cheer and Beer!

Hello friends, welcome to your holiday meal beer pairing guide, compliments of your favorite sales rep!

The holidays can be fun, albeit a little stressful, especially if we’re trying to impress distant relatives, or worse– in laws.  But with the help of this guide you will seem like sommelier and have even the most fickle guests impressed!




Lamb: if you are having this delicious, gamy meat, try a Belgian double to complement the rich, fatty flavor. We recommend La Trappe’s Belgian Dubbel!





Turkey: this bird is not just for Thanksgiving! When it comes to turkey we know it’s all about the gravy, and amber ales and lagers help play up that delicious simplicity. Voodoo Brewery’s KillaPillz Imperial Lager might as well be turkey’s soulmate.




Ham: baked hams are a classic this time of year; Hefeweizen, Bocks and Märzen style beers pair beautifully. Samuel Adam’s Winter Lager is a Bock beer and fits the seasonal ambiance nicely!





Fish: if you are of Italian heritage like me chances are you will be having quite a few fish dishes on Christmas Eve, seven to be exact. Rest assured, there are heavenly beer matches for each. For the shellfish and light flavored fish try a lager such as Sam Adam’s Boston Lager (you can even pour some in with the mussels, so tasty!). For more flavorful fish dishes try a porter or a stout. Guinness is a great option!




Roasted Veggies: for the vegetarians in the house roasted vegetables pair nicely with Kölsch beers. Rogue makes a fantastic Honey Kölsch; check it out!





Pie: last but not least– dessert!! Chocolate does well with more chocolate! Try Rogue’s Chocolate Stout, or Voodoo’s Big Brown Ale. If you are going the pie route maybe Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Ale can help top off your tasty treat!



Good luck with your culinary endeavors and I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!!



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