Sizzling Summer Seasonals!

We are in the middle of summer! Although the rain has been pouring down lately, today is ALL SUNSHINE. So you should go look for some of these awesome seasonals to sip while you enjoy the SUN!

Angry Orchard Summer Honeyao summer honey

Summer Honey cider is a light and refreshing cider with subtle notes of wildflower honey, perfect for those warmer months


OR try one of the many Angry Orchard cocktails here!



Flying Dog Numero Uno Summer Cerveza:NumeroUno_Bottle

This beer was originally released in the summer of 2014 as part of the Brewhouse Rarities series. It’s the artisanal answer to the easy-drinking, south-of-the-border light lagers. So drink up; there’s no beach required.


Magic Hat Stealin’ Time:

Stealin’ Time is a hazy summer sipper that will while away the days with a light malt sweetness, balanced by hops and a pinch of stealin time

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